Logistics and Supply Chain Management

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Are you interested in handling the challenges of freight transport, storage and production? Then a major within Logistics and Supply Chain Management might be something for you! Logistics refers to the movement and storage of freight, and Supply Chain Management refers to the more general concept that links together these processes. You will learn how to optimally arrange processes so that a company can achieve competitive advantages. The topics that you will study range from intra-logistics to global partnerships between companies.


The major Logistics and Supply Chain Management focuses on freight distribution, purchasing, and storing. You will learn how to design supply chains for companies in ways that are efficient and profitable.

The following universities offer this major:

Please be aware that the majors offered by universities change over time and that the overview given on this page might not be entirely up to date. We advise you to do your own research on the university’s website or to contact the university’s student affairs office to check that they offer the major of your choice.

Graduates are now working as:

  • Operations managers
  • Supply chain managers
  • Purchasing and inventory clerks
  • Logistics administrators

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