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Are you interested in everything that has to do with film and television and do you dream of working behind the scenes? Do you want to learn about the ins and outs of the filming process? Then get ready to create great movies, documentaries and TV shows with a major in Cinematography and Multimedia.


From writing a script to operating the camera and editing the images: with a major in Film and Production, you will soon know everything about the process of filmmaking. You will learn how to set up a timeline and budget for a production and how to operate the equipment. During the major, you will get to know all the techniques of light, sound, and editing. Besides the hands-on experience, you will learn about film history and theory, such as the analysis of existing productions. This makes you well prepared for a career in the film world.

The following universities offer this major:

Please be aware that the majors offered by universities change over time and that the overview given on this page might not be entirely up to date. We advise you to do your own research on the university’s website or to contact the university’s student affairs office to check that they offer the major of your choice.

Graduates are now working as:

  • Art directors
  • Producers
  • Production assistants
  • Camera operators
  • Editors

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